The Bad Boy Revolt 36 may have issues with comfort and controls. It is essential to prioritize ergonomics and deck holding mechanism.

However, overall, the Revolt Stand-On Commercial Zero Turn Mower is praised for its maneuverability and balance, making it a reliable choice for commercial use. With its feature-rich design and heavy-duty construction, Bad Boy Mowers are known to last a lifetime.

Troubleshooting common problems such as engine bogging down in overgrown or wet grass is recommended. By addressing these issues, users can maximize the performance and longevity of their Bad Boy Mower.

Bad Boy Revolt 36 Problems: The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide


Common Problems And Solutions

Common Problems and Solutions

When it comes to the Bad Boy Revolt 36, there are a few common problems that users may encounter. Here are some of the issues you may face and their respective solutions:

1. Engine not starting: If your engine fails to start, check the fuel level, spark plug, and battery. Ensure that the ignition switch is in the proper position and that the safety switches are engaged. If the problem persists, consult the user manual or contact a professional for assistance.

2. Blades not engaging: If the blades are not engaging, check the mower’s belt tension and condition. Make sure the blade engagement switch is properly connected and functioning. If necessary, replace the belt or contact a technician for further inspection.

3. Mower not moving forward or backward: If your mower is not moving in either direction, check the drive belt and transmission fluid levels. Ensure that the bypass valves are closed and that the transmission is engaged. If the issue persists, contact a professional for repair.

4. Uneven cutting: If you notice uneven cutting, check the blade height adjustment and ensure that the cutting deck is level. Keep the blades sharp and clean to achieve a consistent cut. If necessary, adjust the deck or consult a professional for assistance.

5. Excessive vibration: Excessive vibration can be caused by unbalanced blades or a bent cutting deck. Inspect the blades for damage and replace if necessary. Check the cutting deck for any obstructions or misalignments. If the issue persists, consult a technician for further inspection.

6. Grass clogging in the deck: If grass is clogging in the deck, make sure the discharge chute is clear and that the deck is clean. Avoid mowing wet grass and adjust the mowing height accordingly. Consider using a mulching kit or bagging system to prevent clogging.

Engine Related Issues

When it comes to engine-related issues on the Bad Boy Revolt 36, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Checking oil levels regularly is crucial to ensure optimal engine performance. Low oil levels can lead to engine damage and poor mower performance. Additionally, replacing spark plugs at regular intervals is necessary to maintain proper ignition and prevent misfires.

Cleaning air filters is another essential maintenance task. Dirty air filters can restrict airflow to the engine, affecting its performance. Regularly cleaning or replacing the air filter helps ensure efficient engine operation.

If you’re experiencing fuel system problems, troubleshooting the fuel system is recommended. This includes checking fuel lines, filters, and the fuel tank for any blockages or damage.

By following these maintenance tasks, you can address common engine-related issues and keep your Bad Boy Revolt 36 running smoothly.

Electrical Problems

Electrical Problems
Battery not charging
Faulty ignition switch
Blown fuses
Wiring issues

The Bad Boy Revolt 36 may experience a few electrical problems that you should be aware of. One common issue is the battery not charging properly. This can be caused by a faulty alternator or a defective charging system. If you notice that your battery keeps dying, it’s important to get it checked and replaced if necessary.

Another electrical problem that you might encounter is a faulty ignition switch. This can prevent your mower from starting or cause intermittent starting issues. If you’re having trouble starting your mower, it’s worth checking the ignition switch to see if it needs to be replaced.

In addition, blown fuses can also be a problem with the Bad Boy Revolt 36. Blown fuses can cause various electrical components to stop working, such as lights or the ignition system. If you’re experiencing electrical malfunctions, checking and replacing blown fuses should be one of the first troubleshooting steps.

Lastly, wiring issues can also arise with the Bad Boy Revolt 36. Loose connections, damaged wires, or wiring harness defects can cause electrical failures and intermittent issues. It’s important to inspect the wiring and connections regularly to prevent any electrical problems.

Deck And Blade Troubles

Deck and Blade Troubles
  • Adjusting deck height
  • Sharpening blades
  • Lubricating spindles
  • Cleaning the deck

The Bad Boy Revolt 36 may encounter some deck and blade troubles, but they can be easily resolved. Adjusting the deck height is crucial for achieving the desired cutting level. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the proper equipment. Sharpening the blades regularly ensures a clean and precise cut. Lubricating the spindles helps to minimize friction and extend their lifespan. Cleaning the deck removes dirt, debris, and grass clippings, preventing buildup and maintaining optimal performance. By addressing these issues, your Bad Boy Revolt 36 will continue to deliver excellent results and a well-manicured lawn.

Belt And Transmission Problems

Belt and Transmission Problems
Inspecting belts for wear and tear Replacing belts
Adjusting belt tension Troubleshooting transmission issues

When it comes to belt and transmission problems on the Bad Boy Revolt 36 mower, it is important to regularly inspect the belts for any signs of wear and tear. This can include cracks, fraying, or stretching. If any issues are found, it is recommended to replace the belts to ensure proper operation of the mower. Additionally, adjusting the belt tension can help prevent slipping or excessive wear. Troubleshooting transmission issues may involve checking the fluid levels and inspecting the gears for any damage or obstructions. If any problems persist, it is best to consult the manufacturer or a professional technician for further assistance.

Steering And Control Malfunctions

When it comes to steering and control malfunctions on the Bad Boy Revolt 36, there are a few potential issues to be aware of. One common problem is loose or unresponsive steering, which can make it difficult to maneuver the mower effectively. Faulty controls can also disrupt the steering and control functionalities, causing issues during operation. Additionally, damaged cables and linkages can result in poor steering response and control. It’s important to regularly inspect and maintain these components to ensure they are in proper working condition. Lastly, adjusting the control lever tension can help improve the overall control and responsiveness of the mower. By addressing these potential issues promptly, you can ensure a smoother and safer mowing experience with the Bad Boy Revolt 36.

Safety And Maintenance Tips

When maintaining your Bad Boy Revolt 36, it is essential to follow proper safety and maintenance tips. One crucial aspect of maintenance is properly storing the mower when it is not in use. Store it in a dry and covered area to protect it from environmental elements.

Regularly cleaning and greasing the moving parts of the mower is another important maintenance task. This helps prevent rust and keeps the mower running smoothly.

Another crucial maintenance tip is checking tire pressure regularly. Ensure that the tires are properly inflated to maintain optimal performance.

Inspecting and replacing worn-out parts is necessary to keep your Bad Boy Revolt 36 in good condition. Check the blades, belts, and other parts regularly and replace them when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions For Bad Boy Revolt 36 Problems

Is Bad Boy Revolt A Good Mower?

The Bad Boy Revolt is a good mower with stand-out performance. Its shorter frame and curved I-Beam front fork support allow for greater visibility and maneuverability. With larger rear tires and a lower center of gravity, it is well-balanced. It is comfortable and easy to use, with ergonomic controls.

Do Bad Boy Mowers Last?

Yes, Bad Boy mowers are known to last a lifetime due to their heavy-duty construction and durability. Whether you choose a commercial or residential model, you can expect a feature-rich and value-packed mower that will deliver professional-quality performance. With proper maintenance, Bad Boy mowers will provide many years of reliable service.

What Causes A Bad Boy Mower Not To Start?

A bad boy mower may not start due to various reasons such as transaxle or hydraulic issues, deck lift failure, or engine problems. Mowing overgrown or wet grass can also cause the engine to bog down. Troubleshooting and professional service may be required to address these issues.

Why Won T My Bad Boy Mower Blades Engage?

If your Bad Boy mower blades won’t engage, there could be a few possible reasons. Firstly, check the blade belt to make sure it is properly connected and not broken. Additionally, check the mower’s switch to ensure it is in the correct position.

Lastly, check the electrical connections to make sure they are secure. If the issue persists, it may be best to contact a professional for further assistance.


The Bad Boy Revolt 36 stand-on mower offers exceptional performance and maneuverability. With its shorter frame and curved I-Beam front fork support, along with larger rear tires, it provides greater visibility and a lower center of gravity. This makes it one of the most balanced and agile mowers on the market.

Whether you’re mowing overgrown or wet grass, the Revolt 36 can handle it with ease. Plus, with its heavy-duty construction, you can expect this mower to last a lifetime. Say goodbye to common mower problems and experience the power and reliability of the Bad Boy Revolt 36.

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